Tika.ai is a San Francisco based startup. It is a virtual assistant created to manage people's daily priorities around their meetings and tasks. It unifies Google calendar, meeting notes and all task in one place.

My Role

My role was to help founders crystallize their vision of the product. As a result, I provided the wireframes together with the user flow. Based on these deliverables they developed their MVP.


I was a part of this project as a freelance designer for 2 months. My main responsibilities  were:

  • User research

  • Creating user flows

  • Layout exploration

  • Visual design

A few of the project highlights

Sketching different layouts

ITERATION 1: Focusing on personal assistant approach

"Personal assistant" page with summary of all meetings, updates and all tasks due.

List of meetings with highlighted action points

Tasks tab

ITERATION 2: Pivoting from "personal assistant" view to a combination of calendar and tasks on one screen

List of tasks and today's calendar shown together

ITERATION 3: One day calendar changed into one week

Final solution: weekly calendar and smaller task cards


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